Green Mach.

Peter Degen-Sounds


1. Dawn - Yo! Records 1993
2. Talk To Someone With A Brain - Yo! Records 1994
3. Afghan Loop - Yo! Records 1995
4. On The Internet - Yo! Records 1996
5. Room 100 - Yo! Records 1998
6. UFO Spot - Yo! Records 1999
7. Sounds for the Unborn - Yo! Records 2001
Massive Viewer - Yo! Records 2014
Our God is Love - Yo Records 2018
10. Leave The Drone Alone! - Yo! Records 2019
The Kuiper Belt - Yo! Records 2020
Over The Moon - Yo! Records 2021
Under The Sun - Yo! Records 2021
Moisterous Shopping - Yo! Records 2021

After discovering a demo of Fractal Music Composing, Peter used it through out all his compositions.

Green Machine produces pure ambient music with almost no rythmes.
In 1995 he was the first on the Internet with a composition of one hour using Real Audio. A riot broke out, as a Network went down because of the many number of people from the US who logged in at the time.
After that he produced also some shorter pieces, but the main thing  still is producing soundscapes which last at least around 25 minutes.
In 1997 he performed live in Zaal 100 together with the likes of Hardcore Ambient, Flexible Outlook & Ploink. The cd Room 100 is thát live set rerecorded in 1998 at Yo! Studio. In 1999 the cd UFO Spot sees the light, again more straight ambient stuff without rythmes.

Although already recorded July 2000, “Sounds for the Unborn” is official released November 2001. This soundscape is made especially for Leonie (Peter’s wife) which was pregnant at the time.

Small little ditties were made in between, but in 2014 a proper new release saw the light! It’s called “Massive Viewer” and can be bought through bandcamp for a hefty € 2,- :-)

October 2018, after being contacted about the stint in 1995, to be the first artist from Europe with his music being played streaming, the Green Machine switched back on. 

He produced 8x one hour long ambient pieces which can be found here at You Tube. It’s also possible to obtain the edit- shorter- versions from the cd “Leave the Drone alone!!” through Bandcamp.

During the 2020 worldwide lockdown, he produced yet another cd called “The Kuiper Belt” check all the tracks on YouTube

In 2021 two new cd’s have been released, “Over the Moon” and “ Under the Sun” . You can stream on Itunes, Spotify and more. Click here for “ Over The Moon”  or here for “ Under The Sun”.