Conteched was a great project. It ran from 2007 to 2011 with some of the best people Iíve worked with.

It all came to life after a remix Fred and I did for a band called Vigilante. The vocals and our backing worked so well, we thought we could work things out in more of a band situation.

Enter Arjan Verhoeven on drums and a little while later Joram Bronwasser on vocals. It was Joram who came up with the lyrics, direction, and the larger part of the look of Conteched, while Fred and I worked on the instrumental side.

Just as we recorded our first EP, Arjan had to quit the band due to his personal situation, and was replaced by Tijn Schulze.

We made a second EP and also a full length CD, and almost got a record deal, which went wrong over some minor details.

After a couple of months, Joram quit Conteched and we had to find a new singer. That singer was Branislav Plesa. With him we made, yet, another EP and also a full length cd.

I got, sort of a, Conteched burn-out after a while, so I called in my resignation. By that point, the whole band felt apart.

But as blood is thicker than water, after almost a year Fred and I began working on a new version of Conteched, consisting only we two. We made more recordings (2 cdís), but then some major change would come into the life of Fred. His plan was to move to Ibiza. It ended Conteched 2.0.

Now 2021, Fred still lives in Holland, and I reworked the In Poor Company EP from 2009. I decided to release in on You Tube. Check out In Poor Company - Just A Moment - Breathing Sand and It Endís Here.