Neo Land

 Peter Degen aka Neo Land, started playing bass in an heavy metal parody act in 1986 called Black Cunt.

In 1988 he joined New Rising Sun, a blues based “Hendrix” type rock band on bass.

In 1989 he formed together with Felix Van Dommelen Ploink which mixed traditional guitar and bass playing with electronica.

In 1992 he switched totally to midi and used his just purchased keyboardsampler and drummachine to the max in a  project called Unapplied Body Manipulation which was a Industrial kind of act.

In 1993 he teamed up with Fred Lont & Richard Groot to start one of the few Industrial Dance Metal acts ever from Holland called Reel.


In 1994 he played leadbass with Dirty Underwear, a band with Marc Lamb (drummer Claw Boys Claw) and Lya Spijkstra on (regular) bass and vocals

Around 1994 he started to produce tapes and (later) cd´s with Ambient music (Eno style) under the name Green Machine.

In 1995 & 1997 German record company Ausfahrt released two full length Reel cd´s and in 1999 & 2000 they released two further cd´s on their own.

Meanwhile he formed around 1996 another act called Patriot Hills together with Claw Boys Claw drummer Marc Lamb and Reel guitar player Fred Lont.

In 1999 they won a major International Remix Competition set up by speaker manufacturer Jamo. Further they did a  bunch of remixes for bands as:
Claw Boys Claw, Tröckener Kecks, Scram C Baby, Frozen Sun, I$i$, Noxious Emotion etc

In 2000 he started to things on his own and won another remix competition on the Internet set up by Electronic Sounds.

He also released the cd "Turned Inwards" on his own label Yo Records.

In 2001 he did remixes for Kosheen, Junkie XL, Kasha, Das Pop & Public Enemy

2004,  Neo Land finally releases his second cd, called “Where it’s @”.

2007 Reel takes a sabbatical and a new project starts getting form: CONTECHED.

2008-2009 CONTECHED produces 2 EP’s and a full length cd which never is released.

2010 CONTECHED loses his lead vocalist, finds a new one and produces 1 EP and a full length, and you guessed it... it never get released.

2011 Peter joins Crazy/Daisy The Dutch AC/DC Tribute band

2012 Peter leaves CONTECHED, the bands splits up

2013 Fred and Peter team up (once again) and starting a fresh new version of CONTECHED, called CONTECHED 2.0.

2014 After attending another Kong concert, Peter starts his one man band project Dervish. Instrumental metal made with a bass guitar.

2015 Conteched 2.0 released a new cd “Essence”

2015 is also the year William and Peter start their band WiPe.

2018 Crazy/Daisy stops performing.

2019 WiPe decides not to play live for some time.

2020 During the lockdown, he produces 2 remixes at “ Rate my Mix”, of which, the second one reaches the number 2 position!