Patriot Hills
Peter aka Neo Land Marc

Patriot Hills

August 2005 Marc & Peter under the name of Patriot Hills started to work on music for, again, a documentary by Mark Aardenburg.

In September 2005 they finished the lot.
If you want to know more about the history of Patriot Hills, read on

The history of Patriot Hills began around 1995 when Marc & Peter started to work together with an Atari Computer as basis.

They already joined forces in the band Dirty Underwear/Dash-Dot as drummer and leadbass-player (accompanied by a female vocalist/bassist) which used a small bit of computer sequencing on the side.
This time they concentrated on more danceable stuff (which was just discovered then by Marc).

They finished 6 tracks which then layed on a shelf for about 2 years.
Around the same time Peter worked together with Fred in  REEL and did a little side project together called D-EYE-D which move around in the same field as Patriot Hills.

To cut things short, Fred joined Patriot Hills and things started to roll.

They made a contribution ("samples") to the Claw Boys Claw cd "Will-O-The-Wisp" and also did a remix for "Made Out Of Nothing" of that same cd.
As Marc was still busy touring with Claw Boys Claw and exploring his way in computers, samplers and synthesizers in '97/'98 , Peter & Fred worked on material which could be  used as basis for some future releases of Patriot Hills.

In the meantime they produced some more remixes for a some local bands of Amsterdam fame, namely Scram C Baby - Frozen Sun - Hard Head Area -  Superspade - Karmatic - Fibre - Mize - I$I$ & Smear.

They are also approached by Supersub, Van Dik Hout & Tröckener Kecks to remix some of their songs in the near future.
Also, they contributed some music for use in a famous Dutch comedy program called Jiskefet.

At the beginning of August they finished working on music which will accompany an documentary on the life of Touarecs in Mali Africa called  "Donkey caravan to Timbuktu".

In May 99 they entered a remix competition organised by speaker producer JAMO from Denmark. They produced 6 different remixes in 6  different styles incorporating JAMO delivered string samples.
To their suprise remix 1 (trancey/dance stuff) became the winner of the month June and also the overall winner of the competition.
30th of August Marc & Peter were brought over to Berlin to accept a voucher of $3500 to be spent on musical equipment.

Late 1999 vocalist Ellen van Harmelen does some vocal tracks for a demo to be made in 2000.

Entering 2000 they made again 2 remixes, this time for Pharmacy, and remixed Beck's "Mixed business".

March 2000, Marc, Fred & Peter remixed Tröckener Kecks "Niemand Thuis" and, They also remixed C-Tank's - "Last Ecstasy".

April 2000 they start to work on a 4 track demo together with Ellen.

May 2000 Patriot Hills did remixes of D.F.T.'s "Forceps 

 Unfortunaly due to bussy schedules Patriot Hills have stopped working together as off Dec 2000.

This doesn’t mean we’ve stopped alltogether, “WE WILL BE BACK(speak out loud with an German accent please