Richard Groot - Vocals
Fred Lont - Guitar & Programming
Peter Degen - Bass & Programming

Push a talented techno maker a loaded gun against his head, force him to integrate wave-ingredients and metal guitars in his music and you get an accurate idea how the trio R E E L started at the end of 1993.
Soon the band signed with the German label Ausfahrt and their first 2 albums were released: LOCK & STOCK. Although they got positive reviews in Germany, France, Norway and the Netherlands and supported bands like Godflesh, Rammstein and Einsturzende Neubauten, they remained one of the best-kept musical secrets from the Lowlands.

In 1998 R E E L parted ways with Ausfahrt and the missing link in the trilogy LOCK-STOCK & BARREL was self-released. In 2000 RE-BARREL[ED] was issued, a complete remix of BARREL, done by Patriot Hills, Kong, Noxious Emotion, Creative Minds, Karmatic, Smear and Black Light.

After a sabbatical periode, R E E L found new inspiration at a gig with The Young Gods and decided to work on new material. In 2003, their resurrection was a fact through the release of RESURRECT.
With their whipping up mix of electronics, dance beats and metal they got possession of the first price of the NHD-Popprijs 2003. R E E L showcased at the Eurosonic festival 2004 and played with bands as Spetsnaz, Insekt and A Split Second.

In 2005 R E E L continues fulfilling his mission. Using their familiar musical ingredients and usual methods this results in their most criminal CD so far, MODUS OPERANDI. Just one day after the release R E E L supports The Young Gods in Paradiso, Amsterdam.

2006 marks yet another era in the history of R E E L. Peter decided to step away from the keyboards and starts playing bass at live gigs and R E E L stepped out of the black and white straight into the blacklight. They did some very succesfull shows with The Dreamside, Asrai, Star Industry, Deadcell & Animadverto.

The future looks very bright in 2007. R E E L got offered a sponsordeal with the very familiair sounding clothing company REELL and they started working on new material. It appears the time is right for the large public to get to know R E E L.

2008 marks the turning point, Fred and Peter decided to focus their attention to their new project called CONTECHED and Reel takes a sabbatical. Richard starts a collaboration with Freek (EX Mechanism) as Rammses.

2013 Fred and Peter breath new life in CONTECHED 2.0. In their sparetime Peter and Richard are making new recordings as Richard Richard.

2015 marks the 20th anniversary of the first REEL cd “LOCK”. This year will see a new release!! Reel re-records a couple of tracks from the trilogy “LOCK” “STOCK” and “BARREL” .

To celebrate the release of our new old stock cd :-) we do a gig at Alkmaar Eigenste Festival, please no pushing at the entry please!!