Time Compression


Peter Degen -  Bass & Programming

Fred Lont -  Guitar & Programming

Marc Lamb - Live Drumming

Richard Groot - Guest Vox

The Story:

In june 1998 after listening to Fat Boy Slim's -Everybody needs a 303-, Peter got inspired by the fact that that number is thé perfect popsong and produced within 5 hours a raw version of  -Don't buy the hype-.

The very next day Fred fine-tuned the song and no less than a week later dutch label DJAX responded very positive on it. The only problem was, that it was the only song they had at the time. They sat down and produced some more tracks in this for them new direction. Too bad DJAX came back on their offer to release the lot.

2012: Peter is doing a couple of remixes in his familiar Time Compression style.