Unapplied Body Manipulation

UBM = Peter Degen - Keyboards, lead bass & voices.

Unapplied Body Manipulation is a one man heavy industrial project. Direct  after finishing the last official PLOINK demo in 1993, together with Felix Van Dommelen, Peter started to work on some more heavier material of his own. Inspired by the likes of Swamp Terrorists & GGFH he  produced his first demo tape "Brainscapes" within 2 weeks.

After that he also produced a track for "PACT" in 1994 (an electronic music organisation in Holland) but it was never released.
Although he was occupied with REEL, he managed to produce several tunes for UBM in the meantime, which found it's way on to a
cd made in 1997 with 17 tracks over the periode of 1993-1997.
It was on the 4th of July 1999, a few minutes before Peter and Leonie would drive off to Germany for a few days.
Peter listened to a mini cd from Foetus which he bought the day before, abd  at that moment he made up his mind, the moment they would be back from their short holiday UBM would rise again.
Within 3 weeks he produced a 7 track mini cd called
"Fortress Of Souls".  "F.O.S" is an out of control full spead ahead industrial beast, with a few ambient restpoints.


July 2002 UBM aka Neo Land digged out a couple of songs already recorded in 1998(!) but due to a remark of REEL vocalist Richard resurfaced again.
They both made 4 songs back then and left 4 instrumental. Neo Land added vocals to the instrumentals and mixed the lot with some help from Felix van Dommelen
The outcom of these recordings were so good and didnít sounded in anyway slighty outdated, that Neo Land decided to release these songs.
The result is this cd